Real Human Digital Leather

A collection of digital skin swatches created using a portable scanner. I use a hand-held scanner almost as a ‘wand’ and capture slow, sometimes steady, scans of surfaces around me. One of the many surfaces I scanned were body part of me and my friends. sleather then turned into an archival project of skin swatches. 

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Reflection on Technique

The process of scanning a surface requires one to move from point a. to b., this process takes about six to eleven seconds (more if you can stay steady). For me this process is different than capturing a picture using a camera because I have captured six seconds of interaction between the scanner and the object; a moment.

The result is an interesting image with realistic quality of the object/colour/texture but it also has glitches that appear because of the movement of my hand.  
© AnahatKaur 2021
Basel, CH