Mega Mood, a bilingual story created using erasure as a technique. Based on the famous story of Jules Verne, “Die Jagd nach dem Meteor” meaning “The Chase of the Golden Meteor” published in 1908.

I use cutouts from brochures of events happening in and around Basel and find space to fit a narrative within a narrative. This project was commenced during the first lockdown in Switzerland in the wake of a Global Pandemic. We were asked, “What does freedom mean to you?”

I found it confusing to think what freedom really meant to me? Coming from India, I felt a new found freedom that I never experienced in my own country but at the same time, being an immigrant in the EU meant I was restricted in other ways. Hence I try to find space and borrow words from other people to create my own story. 

The narrative of the book is about a meteorite hitting the earth; coincidently the nature of a pandemic was quite similar to that of a meteorite attack. The two stories come together at many points including the illustrations of the
book while maintaining their own independent narratives.

© AnahatKaur 2021
Basel, CH